Q: What is teamfedora.com?
A: TeamFedora.com is an entertainment website dedicated to producing content focused on the "nerd" base. While most of our current work is either video game or anime reviews, we are working on expanding new content such as web sitcoms, comics and other future updates.

Q: What else is there to know about TeamFedora.com?
A: TeamFedora.com was founded by Perry Gunderman back in November of 2009. While the site remained passive for a while, views and popularity of content is quickly growing.

Q: Can I join TeamFedora.com?
A: Yes and no. Currently we are looking for new video producers, but you need to submit a sample of your work for review to teamfedora@yahoo.com . Once recived we will begin reviewing the quality of your work and will send you a response email in upto 7 days.

Q: How do you make your videos?
A: I use a JVC Everio G series camera for capturing live footage, and a mixture of Dazzle (not sure what model) and Gigaware capture devices. I use Camtasia for capturing solo "Lets Play's" and finally I use Magix Movie Edit Pro (Started with 14, and am currently using 17).






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